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Project Management Coaching and Mentoring

This is a one-on-one service, where an experienced project management consultants works directly with the project manager to address any project needs. Coaching is an effective method of building up the talented people who are managing projects but have not gained much experience on the complexities of different project situations. For experience project managers, coaching provides opportunities to discuss and examine different strategies to tackle potential problems from experienced professionals.

The focus of our Coaching and Mentorship program is to:

  • Enhance individual leadership effectiveness, performance and career progression within a specific organizational context
  • Develop and integrated mindsets and approach to problem solving
  • Customizable approach depending on experience, project type and experience


Our Coaching and Mentoring Program will help each project manger to develop key skills such as communications, negotiation, and client relationship management, and in so doing improve their effectiveness at project delivery. The program is highly customizable and is offered in a variety of methods to ensure confidentiality and effectiveness to the participant.