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Project Management Courses

Project Management Fundamentals

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of project management and provides some essential tools to start the process of managing projects effectively in your organization.

Project Management for Contractors

This course introduces and explains the unique relationship between Clients and Contractors, how the relationship can be managed to ensure a successful project.

Project Controls Fundamentals

This is a detailed course that focuses on the core areas of managing a project: Estimating, Scheduling, Cost Control and Change Control. Participants will learn a great deal of techniques and tools they can use in their everyday work situation.

EVM Essential (I & II)

This is a comprehensive course that teaches participants on how to establish an Earned Value Management Project Management approach in their organization and projects.

Risk Management Essential (I & II)

This course introduces the various tools and techniques associated with risk identification, quantitative and qualitative analysis, risk response and monitoring techniques.