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Earned Value Project Management Workshops

I) Overview and Objectives

Successful management of a project involves many concepts and implementation concerns. Performance-Oriented tracking systems are essential in providing valid project status and forecasts. This workshop focuses on the implementations of a valid and robust Earned Value Management (EVM) System based on the following project criteria:

  • Project Size and Duration
  • Technical Challenges, Schedule and Cost Risk
  • Project Contractual Requirements
  • Management Level of Involvement

II) Workshop Structure

3EDGE consultants have developed a unique process that translates the project objectives and constraints into an implementable Earned Value Management Process that is inline with industry expectation . These steps are reviewed through three hands-on sessions

  • Session One – Implementation Definition:

The objectives of this session is to:

  • Determine and review the contract type
  • Establish and EVM implementation requirements
  • Specify EVM reporting requirement
  • Define/Review the project Work Breakdown Structure
  • Specify EVM link to Change & Risk Management
  • Session Two – Planning and Budgeting:

The objectives of this session is to:

  • Create and Review the integrated project schedule
  • Identify milestones, key events, deliverables and technical performance goals
  • Establish a time-phased budget baseline
  • Identify management reserves and undistributed budgets
  • Reconcile the base contract and allocated budgets
  • Session Three – Accounting Considerations, Analysis and Management Reporting:

The objectives of this session is to:

  • Establish the method of recoding direct and indirect costs
  • Establish method of reporting all material (Bulk, Mechanical, etc.…) and subcontractor costs
  • Establish variance reporting structure to capture Planned, Actual and Earned
  • Develop revised estimate to/at completion based on performance to date and future performance

III) Who Should Attend

The workshop is designed for all key members of the project management team. This includes but not limited to:

  • Project Sponsor
  • Project Director and Manager
  • Managers for Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Project Control Team (Project Controls Manager, Planners, Schedulers, Estimators and Cost Controllers)
  • Discipline Leads

IV) Workshop Deliverables

At the completion of the workshops, the team will have an Earned Value Management Implementation basis. The document will include:

  • Progress monitoring template and rules of credit
  • Cost Baseline
  • Integrated Baseline S-Curve
  • WBS
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Reporting Templates

Our consultants provide further support by uniquely participating in further reviews of the document to ensure the overall contractual and organizational requirements are satisfied.

V) Workshop Benefits

Earned Value Management provides many benefits to the project and overall organization. Some of the immediate benefits of our workshop are:

  • Development of an integrated time-phased budget and schedule framework based on the overall contractual scope
  • Our consultants vast experience with EVM will allow your team to develop and monitor early-warning systems
  • Ensure that data is developed and monitored at a practical level of summarization that allows the project team to confidently and objectively report progress
  • Communicate meaningfully project impacts to the client using a robust and accurate system
  • Provide the project with an accurate assessment of the overall health of the project