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PMO Development

Ever wonder how to ensure good governance throughout your organization. How about increasing your project success rate and profitability. If these questions are asked by your organization, then a Project Management Office is what you need.

Regardless of the industry or the size of your organization establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) can yield substantial benefits to your company. Studies have shown that common approaches to Project Management cay yield some of the following advantages

  • Reduced delivery costs
  • Improved quality of project deliverables
  • Early identification of project issues, risks and opportunities
  • Enhance opportunities to leverage the organization’s knowledge management system
  • Improved accuracy of estimates
  • Enhance communication with internal and external stakeholders






3EDGE works with organizations to design, develop, implement, coach and enhance their project support functionality, or offices, in providing the most effective solution in terms of cost (investment) and increase in productivity or efficiency (return).

3EDGE has worked with several organizations to develop customized PMOs that satisfy their needs. Our approach is a fit for purpose one where the scope and structure of the PMO is inline with the current and growth objectives of the organization. Our team of specialists have helped in the establishment of work flows, procedures, KPIs, metrics and templates.

To find out how we can help your organization grow and benefit from a PMO contact us.