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The 3EDGE Methodology

3EDGE has developed a unique Methodology and Framework to Capture, Analyze, Synthesize and Implement Client Objectives within an organization. We have integrated the Project Management Framework development by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Issue Based Consulting (IBC) process to create the 3EDGE Method.

Stage 1: Definition

During this stage our focus is on understanding the current problem identified by the organization as it relates to the overall Project/Corporate objectives. Our consultants role is to listen to our clients to formulate a structured and quantifiable problem statement. The focus is on understanding stakeholder expectations, constraints and commitment.

Stage 2: Structure

Our consultants embark on an internal planning process where information gathered during the Definition stage are analyzed and decoupled to produce a structure approach to solving the clients’ problem statement. Upon development of a preliminary structure a joint interactive planning session with the primary stakeholders of the project is held where additional information is gathered and the structure is further refined.

Stage 3: Data Gathering

This observation based stage is focused on fact finding through the capture of first and second hand information. Our consultants interact with front-line managers to understand their perspective of the problem and potential solution. This iterative stage focuses on developing a logical and complete workflow that illustrates the flow of information, tools, techniques, process and procedures in use. The end of this stage is marked with the developed of complete set of illustration/storyboards of the current state of the project/organization.

Stage 4: Synthesis

Our consultants true talent and skills are on full display during this stage. Each data set gathered is analyzed and tagged to allow for a complete understanding of the various relationships and correlations associated with each data set. Upon completing a map of all data points and their relationships, conclusions are derived. Each conclusion is then presented to the team and reexamined to ensure validity and correctness.

Stage 5: Implementation Buy-In

3EDGE consultants facilitate a session where the conclusions derived are presented and an interactive discussion is used to prioritize the implementation sequence of each potential project.

Stage 6: Project Implementation

Once a project has been identified for implementation, 3EDGE uses its Project Management Framework to oversee the Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Closing of the project. Our framework is based on an integrated framework developed by PMI and Industry Best Practices.